Enormously FoxClub Newsletter
Issue 1
Well, Jen, looks like you're the only member so far. So, could you ask others to join? Please? Thanks for joining and adding a link to my site and giving me permission to use JasonDows. Right now, the password to the club is:


Keep in mind that that's case-sensitive. Capital "B", Lowercase everything else. Well, now to content.

Club Password(above).
Fan site of the month

First, let me explain how this club works. All members(which pretty much means you and I right now)gets points for doing things in the club. You can get points for: correctly answering trivia, nominating a winning entry to an election, or providing stuff for the club.

Okay, here are five trivia questions for this issue. Each one is worth three club points.

1. What is the name of the principal of Hillsdale High School?
2. According to the iFruit, who is Cyberkat2849?
3. What is SlugMan's butler's name?
4. What were Andy's old records?
5. How many times did Katie say "Blue's Clues"?(start counting!)

"Shall I access an online store for you, Santa?"
-iFruit, 12/16/2000.
Jason: "We could be Encyclopedias Brown and White...The Great Brains...The Two Investigators..." Phoebe and Eileen: "The Hardly Boys..."
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Fan Site of the Month
Well, Jen, Your site, the FoxTrot Zone is the fan site of the month. It's my favorite. I won't spend time explaining it because you obviously know more about it than me. I especially like JasonDows and the QFC.

That's it. The first issue. Yeah, it wasn't much. Maybe once we get more members, people can submit stuff to me for the newsletter.