A List of Members

Name: David "FoxoFan" Ganssle
E-mail: doggans@aol.com
Born: July 2, 1987
FoxTrot website: This one!(Enormously FoxTrot)
Favorite Character: undecided!
Other: I made this site, I'm the webmaster, founder, president, etc. of Enormously FoxTrot and the Enormously FoxClub.

Name: Lynn VW
E-mail: lynn_vw@hotmail.com Born: December 30, 1985

For your profile, e-mail me with your profile in the following format(if you don't want to include an item, don't worry, I'll leave it out):Name(or nickname), E-mail, Date of birth, FoxTrot website(if you have one), Favorite FT character, and other information you want.

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