FoxTrotly Asked Questions

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Questions about the strip

What is FoxTrot?
FoxTrot is this cool comic strip by Bill Amend. It's probably the best comic strip in the papers, now that we don't have Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes. The main characters are Roger Fox, the father with no electronic skills, Andy Fox, the hardworking mother, Peter, the 16-year-old with a really fast metabolism, Paige, the 14-year-old girl desperately trying to find Mr. Right, Jason, the ten-year-old school-loving math genius, and Quincy, Jason's pet iguana.

FoxTrot isn't in my paper. Can I still find it somehow?
Well, if you visit, you can read the strip from two weeks ago, and click a link allowing you to e-mail your local paper requesting they put it in. There are annual book collections and biannual treasuries available at bookstores everywhere.

When was FoxTrot first published?
FoxTrot was first published in 1988.

Where can I find out more?
At, the official web site, of course!

What does the "A" on Peter's hat stand for?
It stands for Amherst, the college Bill Amend went to(Roger Fox went to Willot), but it could be thought it stood for "Amend".

Why does Elieen like Jason so much.
After Jason "let" her get the highest score on the math test, she thought he was the sweetest boy in the class. Plus, as Jason said, "Why, the ghostly white look[is in], of course! You should see the girls that attack me these days!"

Will Paige ever find Mr. Right?
Who knows? Maybe she'll settle for Morton, or maybe she and Tommy Smith will go out more often.

What is the column Andy writes?
"On the Home Front", by Andy Fox(later by pen-name Erma Landers), a column about things that happen with families where she writes embarrasing things about their family.

Questions about Bill Amend

Questions about this site

Who the heck are you, and what is your connection to FoxTrot?
My name is David Ganssle, I was born on July 2, 1987(the year before FoxTrot was introduced to papers), and my connection to FoxTrot is only that I am one of the strip's biggest fans! I am the founder of a small group of kids, Wacky and Crazy, which is an entertainment group named after a comic strip I draw.

How can I link to your site?
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