JASON: Hello, fans of mine! Here's where you can get more people to come to your site about me, me, ME!!!

DAVID: Hold on, Jason! Don't forget, I'm the one who helped you get this started! I'm David "FoxoFan" Ganssle. This is the Jason Fox Webring, Enormously FoxTrot's webring for all friends of Jason. Remember the guidelines, Jason.

JASON: Yeah, yeah. All sites must have something to do with me and/or one of my favorite things(Star Wars/Trek and X-Files, to name a few). Sites must be appropriate for all ages. There must be no profanity, gore, or porn on any sites.

DAVID: And, sorry Jason, but Paige's name doesn't count as profanity, and her face is not gore.

JASON: Wanna bet?

DAVID: Fill out the form below, and we will e-mail you as soon as we can telling you your ID number and code to put on a page. You MUST put that code somewhere on your site to remain in the webring.

Site Title:

Site URL:

Your E-mail Adress:

Description of your site:

DAVID: Don't have a Jason page? Click here for tips!

JASON: And click here to return to my homepage.

DAVID: And here to return to Enormously FoxTrot.