Jason's Old Bunch of Rumors

These are old news stories about movies, etc., that I heard from a very reliable source-me.

LOTR Casting Change???
[4/11/00] Rumors out of New Zealand more and more point to a major casting change in the upcoming Peter Jackson-directed Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Despite official word to the contrary, a careful frame-by-frame analysis of the recently released QuickTime preview offers convincing evidence that the roles of Frodo and Sam will not be played by actors Elijah Wood and Sean Astin as previously reported elsewhere, but rather by a pair of hobbit-sized unknowns. More to follow on this breaking story, we're sure.


Windows2000 Delay Explained?
[10/28/99] According to an anonymous source, Microsoft's delay in releasing the latest version of its flagship OS is the result of an inability to make it compatible with the currently Mac-only Slug-Man video game, available for download on FoxTrot.com.

Seen viewing FoxTrot.com for the first time in this 1997 photo (with cartoonist Bill Amend and webmaster Chris Pizey), Mr. Gates reportedly returned to Microsoft headquarters furious that his current Windows OS could not deliver to users the full and complete FoxTrot.com gaming experience. "Either it plays Slug-Man, or it doesn't ship," is rumored to be the edict handed down from on-high in Redmond. Whether such compatability can actually be accomplished remains to be seen. Microsoft stock closed lower today, in very heavy trading.
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Phantom Menace Rumors
[4/25/99]Greetings, fellow "Star Wars" Fans! With less than four weeks to go before the big event, new details about the movie are leaking out faster than a tatooine podrace!

Spoilers ahead! Beware!

wpe1.jpg (1697 bytes)
First, confirmation of last week's report here that John William's score departs drastically from his earlier SW works. "He's sort of big on kazoos now," states one well-placed insider. Another source would only characterize the new sound as "highly experimental. wpe2.jpg (1738 bytes)
Speaking of music, we erred in our earlier report that "Titanic's" own Celine Dion would sing the ballad "A Long Time Ago" over the end credits. Sources now tell us the song will run during the opening title crawl and take full advantage of THX surround sound. wpe3.jpg (1871 bytes)
Bad news for special effects fans. Apparently stung by criticism from his mailman that the trailers looked "too digital", George Lucas has ordered all computer-generated images removed from the film. CGI character Jar Jar Binks will reportedly be renamed "Jar Jar Binks, Master of Invisibility." wpe4.jpg (1770 bytes)
Finally, rumors continue to swirl of a last-minute voice recasting. A number of spies report that fitness guru Richard Simmons has been hired to rerecord all of lead villain Darth Maul's dialogue. "We think audiences will be surprised at how well he growls," says one Skywalker Ranch informant. wpe5.jpg (1574 bytes)