The NFTDA(which stands for "New FoxTrot Discussion Area") is a message board at the official site.(There used to be an OFTDA, which most veteran 'DAers liked better due to the lack of freaks since the link was not publicly displayed, but it was deleted.)If you are an FTDAer, you may know me as foxofan or David "foxofan".

Also connected with the NFTDA is a chat room. I never go on it, but some say they have trouble getting on.

If you want to become an NFTDAer, you can click "Register" when you get there. Let me introduce you to a few of the NFTDAers whom I know.

foxofan-(or David "foxofan")That's me. I have two Altar Egos, Jeeves and Bertie Wooster.
Mr. Winkoshnuffen-He has gone through the names "Mr. Winkoshnuffen", "Mr. Winkoshnuffen2" when his email adress was incorrect, "Mr. Yahts" when his Mr. W2 screen name was banned from the 'DA, and back to "Mr. Winkoshnuffen"
darkliterate-She and her AEs show up everywhere and make interesting comments about...whatever the discussion is about.
wacko2-A famous OFTDAer, maintains Spiff, which is really cool.
Ender-aka Nick Bengal, PryoGuySixteen, hates fanfics that Mr. W and I write, has two AE's, britfan16(his former self) and Zach(his best friend), always gets teased by darklit and accused of being gay by everyone else.
Stetson-OFTDAer, suspected by Felix Xavier Jinx of being Bill Amend.
7-Gone through screen names 7, Seven, VII, Moon Unit 7, and more.
Liz-aka Basketball Chicy, Baby Liz, Buttafly, Queen Bee...wasn't exactly on speaking terms with me after a sarcastic comment I made about her and Ender.
Mystic Dragon Blackstar-aka The Panther's Rose. Owns a bar, very popular hangout place.

These are not the only NFTDAers, just the ones I know really well. If you are an NFTDAer and want some info about yourself here, email me.

Folders on the NFTDA and their uses.

Let's Discuss Comics (self-explanitory)
Let's Discuss Video Games (games and systems)
Let's Discuss Sports (Mostly just calvinball, but still...)
Let's Discuss Books (Also self-explanitory)
Let's Discuss Movies & TV Shows (Like I said...)
Let's Discuss Fashion (Do NOT post discussions about fashion! This is the fanfic folder now!)
Let's Discuss School (self-....)
Let's Discuss Families (Now an AE hangout place)
Let's Discuss Work (we still aren't sure what we're going to use this for)
Let's Discuss Anything (Anything that doesn't fit into anything else)

Eventually, Sysop, who maintains UExpress, deletes messages, so don't count on things you say to be there permanently.

The FTDA Horror Picture Show

You know you've been reading too much FoxTrot when...

****It should be noted that since I last updated this page the NFTDA was also destroyed. Some of the O'DAers have constructed an EZBoard forum, but it's moderated by Goldy, who hates me and most newbies, so it might not be a good idea to join.****