You know you've been reading too much FoxTrot when...

A list from a discussion I started.

  1. You see Titanic 24 times in a row
  2. You go around randomly quoting Bart J. Simpson and Bullwinkle J. Moose
  3. You say there's no such thing as too much FoxTrot
  4. You start a discussion in the NFTDA called "You know you've been reading too much FoxTrot when..."
  5. Your computer tells you to hug it.
    (1-5 by me)
  6. you search the stores for "Iron Mystics" and wonder why you cant find it.
  7. you can recite pi to the 500th digit, but not remember where you learned it
  8. you fully expect to hear andy's name at the pulitzer prize awards
  9. you buy an iguana to bug your older sister (and are confounded when she says, "aww it's so cute!)
  10. you insist your b/f call you "denise" (or you g/f call you "peter") because you think it would improve the relationship.
    (6-10 by Kingofthepickles)
  11. You claim to hate all red-headed girls with freckles named Eileen
  12. You develop a strange obsession for reptiles.
  13. You actually design plans for games such as "Duke Quakem" and "Riviablo".
  14. You decide to take up model rocketry, but more for the target practice than for the physics.
  15. You're sitting in Physics or Calculus, reading a problem, and exclaim, "Whoa! I saw this in a FoxTrot comic!!"
  16. You're reading a FoxTrot comic containing some sort of complicated Physics or Calculus question, and you exclaim, "Whoa! I KNOW how to do this!!"
    (12-16 by DZ)
  17. You actually start drawing foxtrot ideas you think would be funny in a comic strip.
  18. You develop a strange hatred for all blond women with ponytails but you don't really understand why.
  19. You tend to buy a large number of sunction cup dart guns and several nerf toys so that you can properly defend youself from an attack by Jason.
    (17-19 by Stetson)
  20. You own a FoxTrot website named after a treasury(like mine).
  21. You make a clay sculpture of Quincy in art class(my art teacher loved it!)
    (20-21 by me)
  22. you attempt to buy stock in
    (he meant
  23. When you find out theres no such thing as "Riviablo" you get so mad you punch your blonde haired popy tailed sister for no apparent reason and two hours later you realize you don't have a blonde haired pony tailed sister so you go apoligize to your mom.
    (22-23 by Mr. Yahts, aka Mr. Winkoshnuffen)
  24. when you put on galsses, no one can see your eyes.
  25. you eat a zuchinni pie.
  26. You wear a hat with a "A" symbol". 
  27. You get an "A" for "Apalling" 
  28. you notice that somebody already ate the choco puffs. 
  29. you go to "" every day. 
  30. You make a movie named "The paige witch".
    (24-30 by spot_less)

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