Hi. Today was my first day of school. I had a good summer, we went to Colorado for a Campus Crusade for Christ staff conference, so I went to Six Flags with my youth group, saw a movie that's not out yet but coming out in November called "Extreme Days", and watched LotR trailers on the computers at the computer center over and over again. Then, we went to California and visited that new Disneyland CA adventure on the exact same day Roger announced the trip to Isles of FunFun Carribeany resort. One of our family's friends who fixes up old Power Macs gave me one for free, so I finally got a chance to play the Slugman game, which is basically the old Joust game. Then on the way home, we had to drive through Nashville. We decided to drive past Graceland, but we couldn't just drive past it--it was the anniversary of Elvis' death, so we had to get out of the car. There was a big screen TV playing the Ed Sullivan show, etc. We got back a few weeks ago, and then I got braces. I'd update, but our stupid computer is having stupid problems with the stuped mouse, so I can only type updates. Drat!

Yo. I'm now on a computer somewhere in America. The second of this month was my 14th birthday. I'm trying an experimental comics page linking to ucomics, but it doesn't work properly for some unknown reason. Oh, well. Signing off.

HELP! I'm a freshman! Yep, school ended today, and I survived finals. However, with summer comes lots of traveling for my family, but if I get near a computer, I might update. Don't bet on it, though. Also, at Mr. Amend's personal request, I've taken the sunday strip off. Sorry. Go to if you need strips.

Finally, I've changed the poll. Here are the final results of the previous one:

Who shoud Paige date?
Morton 47 (13%)
Tommy Smith 16 (4%)
Will Conrad 2 (0%)
Oooh, Pierre! 7 (2%)
Who cares? I'm a Jason! 273 (79%)
345 Total votes
So, looks like all our nations are full of Jasons! The new poll was inspired by the classic play "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

Beware....this page may soon combine with Mr. Winkoshnuffen's site...

Jason Fox's web site is finally up! Click here! That's all.

Wondering where I've been? Well, view the guestbook, and Jay F.'s entry explains all. You see, Jason is a kid in my class who belongs to an amatuer band, The Tinted Windows, and I've been doing their web site. Visit it. Please. Sign the guestbook. Also, don't let FT.C being down bother you. Visit BA's personal homepage, surf UComics, and the FTDA is still up. Go to NFTDA stuff for more details. That's all. Bye, for now. Join the club.

Odd...last time I posted that script to the NFTDA, everyone hated it. Now they think it's pretty good. And all the emails I got said it sucked. Then I got an email from Zooman who said, and this is an exact quote, "
Dude, continue by all means! That's Awesome! That would be so great if B.A. used it for a movie (or a strip series.). Don't pay attention to those morans saying it stinks. their idea of a good movie is probably "Barnie Celebrates the ABC's" or something.
" So, I reposted it to the NFTDA. And I updated it here. I also finally added that NFTDA page I've promised.

Sorry I didn't update in such a long time. I've been too busy in the school play, Calamity Jane. Also, my account was deleted for a while(plus a severe case of lazyness...). Anyway, I just found out that the famous David Z who used to own a FoxTrot website goes to my school...he's a senior, I'm in eighth grade. He did the lights at the play.

Well, friday night-saturday morning, I went to our schools all-night lock-in at the arcade, so I'm still dead tired. However, I did finally find time to update the site, but all I did was add some things to the club pages and change the password, now that we have two members. Join the club, and see the changes for yourself.

THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE(just kidding, april fools.)

Well, I didn't give that girl anything...oh well, as I've said on the NFTDA, I probably couldn't get a date if I tried.

Speaking of the NFTDA, I'm gonna add a section about that, but I'm still working on it, so it'll take a while. I added some info about Darth Peter, and another invitation for help. Lately, though, I've been working on my new Rocky and Bullwinkle site, so sorry.

Oh, crud, Valentine's day is Wednesday, and I have no idea what I am going to do for that girl in my math class. Oh, well...Oh, and thanks to all of those nice people who comented on the script and said it totally sucked. Guess what-the Mac Observer interviewed Mr. Amend about the iFruit! Okay, so there's nothing new to the site. I just felt like posting.

Yeeha! President Bush was inaugurated(is that how you spell it?) yesterday! That is good for two reasons. 1. It's good for my family; we're Republicans. 2. It means we won't be hearing this recount stuff. Of course, it's not all good now. Midterm exams are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for me, except for Spanish, which is Monday and Tuesday. In other words, I can't update the site for a while(as if I ever did, anyway). Speaking of which, the comics page will be here soon, and one of the archives will be fan cartoons, so if you drew a comic strip with FoxTrot characters, email it to me, and I'll post it. Also, if you do get an iFruit email account, could you email me your screen name? I still need those of you who know Visual Basic to email me, and I'll have you help on the games.

Sorry I didn't update yet this month. I was celebrating the fact that this was the REAL new millenium, the REAL new century, and the REAL new decade, since there was no year 0, so the first millenium, century, and decade AD had to start with year one! Sorry, I get really sensitive about that.

Plus, it's official! The next book is "Death by Field Trip, with the story where Jason goes with Eileen on the field trip. Now, onto content: Join the club! We need more members, so we can get actual stuff up. You don't even need to be in Yahoo or anything, you just need an email adress. That's all. Click "Club" on the toolbar, by the pic of Morton Goldthwait, to find out more.

And speaking of email, are you still waiting for iFruit for download? It's still on it's way, but in the meantime, you can get iFruit email! "Finally, I can check my stupid email!"-Andy. By the way, the final product will have:
A desktop theme
A simple little Wordpad program
A web browser
A calculator
A solitaire game, and more. In the meantime, sign up with iFruit mail, join the club, and keep coming back. The comics will be up soon. So will the games. Actually, before I forget, do any other of you Fox Freaks program Visual Basic? E-mail me. I could use help making some of these games.

Hallelujiah! Someone joined the club! Emphasis on "one". It's Jen of the FoxTrot Zone. Could someone else join PLEASE? Oh, I still want to know: does this site look better with popup adds, or like it already is? Email me, okay?

Well, lessee, I'm trying to update this site. Until I do, listen to the latest news: Paige, as you may know, has gotten a Robo-dog this week, and last week she starred in "The Nosecracker", somewhat a remake of  "Jason's Christmas Carol" from '98. According to Barnes and Noble, the next small book is due out March '01. Assorted FoxTrot is out. I'm working on making my games, especially "Darth Peter", a parody of the "Star Wars Episode One" computer game, about that story from summer '99. Also, the link on the "Join Club" page that says "Click to enter" won't take you anywhere until someone actually JOINS, okay? That's all. Wish me luck. By the way, does this site look better with popup adds, or like it already is? Email me, okay?

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